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Input: Namebird, make me words the letters

Maximum Word Length: Set the max length of your words. 6-8 letters is great for brands.

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Note: Once you get your results, try clicking Improve for a word you like.


Connect the Dots Tool

Input: Namebird, make me words that start with the letters and end with the letters

Options: Make words with a max length of letters and taken .com domains.


Reg-Exp Word Tool

Find words that match a regular expression. For instance, [abtro]+ makes words that only contain the letters 'abtro'

Regular Expression: Namebird, make me words that match the regular expression

Options: Make words with a max length of letters and taken .com domains.


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Click letters you'd like changed, then press Word Zap. Or press Get Similar to get similar words.

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Welcome to Namebird! To get started, type some letters into the input field on the left and press Make Words. Here are some random words we came up with:

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Word of the day (8/4/2016)


Psider, a cute respelling of the word spider, has high branding potential.

It could be used for a consulting agency, for a comic strip site, for a news website and much more.

We created it by using the Basic Word Maker and asking it to make words that start with the letters psi.

Word of the day (8/3/2016)


This word is perfect for a girl or for a fashion company or whatever you choose to use it for.

We created it by using the Reg-Exp Word Tool and starting with o.o.a.ei..a and working some naming magic with the Improve button.

It is currently available as a .com domain.

What is Namebird?

Namebird is a startup name generator and new word maker that makes naming your website, startup or product easy and fun.

Why do I need it?

Naming something, like a company or startup, can be really difficult.

And if you also want to find an available .com domain name - well, that could take days of effort and you still might come up short.

Our tool is designed to help you come up with the perfect name (or almost perfect).

Catchy business names

Namebird makes it easy to come up with very catchy and memorable business names. This is because the words it generates have passed certain quality rules that have to do with phonetic structure.

A tool that named itself

The Namebird named itself! The sign of a good word generator is, in our opinion, being able to name itself.

How do I get started?

You can start by entering a few letters into the Basic Word Maker in the left sidebar then pushing Make Words.

For instance, putting in starts with 'cro' results in some catchy and original words like 'crotegra.'

You can also see our detailed guide to using Namebird as well as our FAQ where we answer common questions.

Improve your results

When you see a word, you can easily edit it by clicking on the Improve button.

This lets you use Word Zap to quickly swap out letters. And Get Similar creates words that are similar to the one you chose.

What else should I know?

Our goal is to help make your life easier. We do not record your searches and do not register domains you look at.