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One of our goals is to create exquisite 5 syllable names like Yalorikita.


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Name of the day (9/5/2016)


Zarinetu (pronounced Za-ri-ne-tu) is a lovely, exotic and powerful 4 syllable name for a girl.

It has a powerful Zari sound to start off with and ends in a Japanese style etu sound. This gives it a lovely combination of exotic flavor.

Zarinetu is also possibly a unique name with very few results in Google.

It is a name which could be for a top notch computer programmer, for a professional dancer, or for excellence in whatever field. It is certainly not mundane and easily ignored or forgotten.

As usual, we crafted this word using a combination of the Namebird and a few personal touches.

In coming up with Zarinetu, it is possible or likely that we had to first make the arinetu part in one way or another then added a . to the beginning to get the Z sound.

This is how that looks:

This is not an unusual trick for getting the Namebird to take a somewhat more ordinary sound/word structure - arinetu - and then make it quite original via a z.

It also suggested an s and an m for instance, but Marinetu is a bit too bland for our tastes, and Sarinetu is a bit lighter than Zarinetu. But you may like either more, of course.

Name of the day (9/4/2016)


Verantaji (pronounced Ve-ran-ta-ji) - a powerful, exotic name with hints of Indian and Japanese influence.

It is unique, with no mentions of it in a quick search online. At the same time, it has regal might to it, and is 4 syllables.

To craft this name we used our Namebird software and touched it up slightly with personal edits. When we made it, we wanted a name with a ji sound in it, so made sure to use the Reg-Exp Tool with a regular expression with .*ji.* in it (or something like that). The dot star, .*, then the ji means "Create names with anything in them, but that then have a ji."

To be honest, it did take some effort because the ji pattern is somewhat unusual in English. Improving support for other language letter patterns is something we may work on in a future update.

Another thing we did was that the Namebird came up with kaji but we switched out the k for a t. This is because we found it a bit hard to pronounce and say Verankaji.

Name of the day (9/2/2016)


Nemukassi (pronounced Ne-mu-ka-si) - the name of a woman destined to achieve great things. This name has royal overtones, and is reminiscent of Nebuchadnezar, the name of one of the great Bablyonian kings.

Not only that, it is, as far as we know, a unique name, never having been used before.

Creating the name Nemukassi took a little bit of work in our delightful program the Namebird.

Though we don't remember the exact process, it went something like this.

  • Why not try a name that starts with Ne?
  • It would probably need a u sound as well.
  • And perhaps it should end in an 'i'

Translating this into a regular expression for the namebird to work with went like this: ne.*u.*a.*i

We saw the results and started to like more and more the sound of nem and then nemu. This meant we changed the regular expression to be nemu.*a.*i.

After a little playing around, we got words like Nemulassi - which, by mentally changing the l to a k, becomes Nemukassi.

Again, this isn't 100% the process we used, but it is fairly close.

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